Where can I find prescriptions for losing weight with globules/homeopathy? | Losing weight with globules/ homeopathy

Where can I find prescriptions for losing weight with globules/homeopathy?

Losing weight with globules does not provide a clear diet as most other diets do. It is only recommended to eat a low-calorie and healthy diet and to get a lot of exercise in everyday life. When losing weight with globules, you can choose recipes according to your own needs.

There are no recipes for losing weight with globules per se. If you want to lose weight with hCH globules as part of the hCG diet, there are books and internet sites that have corresponding recipes with a calorie content of less than 500 calories. For the hCG diet you can therefore search for recipes that fit into your diet plan.

How much can you lose weight with this diet?

Weight loss when losing weight with globules depends very much on the initial situation, the diet and exercise during the weight loss phase. If you eat a particularly low-calorie diet and exercise a lot, the weight loss is much more positive than with smaller changes in the diet. When losing weight with hCG globules, one should be able to lose up to 12 kilos in 21 days.

Avoid yo-yo effect

In order to avoid a yo-yo effect when losing weight with globules, homeopathic remedies should be balanced out gradually. The risk of a yo-yo effect depends strongly on the amount of weight loss and the time in which you lose weight. If you lose a lot of weight in a very short time, the risk increases accordingly. To avoid the yoyo effect, it is recommended to change your diet to a permanently healthy, balanced diet after the diet. Regular exercise helps to maintain the desired weight and the globules for losing weight should be shed, i.e. gradually reduced in quantity.


The costs of losing weight with globules are made up of the product costs of the homeopathic remedies and the nutrition. If you buy fresh fruit and vegetables, high-quality meat and fish as part of your diet, the costs are more expensive than for finished products, but they are significantly healthier. The costs for the globules differ for the different remedies and for single remedies and complex remedies.

10 to 20 grams of globules can be purchased for between 5€ and 15€ on average, depending on the remedy. A 10 gram bottle contains about 1,200 globules. If 5 globules are taken three times a day, this means that one bottle will last for almost three months. For the hCG metabolic diet there are complete sets containing food products and globules. Such sets can be purchased for a 21-day metabolic cure for about 135€.