BCM Diet

What is the BCM diet?

BCM stands for “Body Cell Mass”, i.e. the body cell mass consisting of energy-consuming cells, such as muscles and organs. The idea of the BCM diet program, which has been in existence for 25 years, is that the body cell mass is protected and body fat is reduced instead. The meals consist of shakes and ready-made soups from the BCM company. The first two days of the diet are used to switch to the shakes and soups that form the basis of the program. In the diet program, the weight loss phase consists of only two BCM products and one meal of fresh home-made mixed food.

Procedure of the diet

The BCM diet consists of three main meals a day without snacks. The basis are the BCM Diet products, which consist of shakes, soups and bars in different flavours. A low-calorie, high-protein diet should boost the metabolism and get the fat burning process going.

The BCM diet program is based on three principles. The aim of the diet is a long-term change in diet. According to the BCM diet plan, the first two days are used to change your usual diet to the BCM starter diet.

Five products may be consumed at intervals of three to four hours. The weight loss phase begins on day three of the diet and consists of two BCM products and a mixed diet meal. There should be a four to six hour break between meals.

After reaching the desired weight, two meals a day should be replaced by healthy mixed food and one product of the BCM basic diet should be consumed. Here, too, there should be a four to six hour break between meals to start the fat burning process. – Firstly, the negative energy balance: this means that you eat fewer calories per day than your body actually consumes.

  • Second, the nutrient intake: the products of the BCM diet are designed to provide the body with sufficient nutrients while maintaining muscle mass. Each individual BCM meal has 220 calories and one of the main meals is prepared during the weight loss phase in the form of fresh mixed food. – Thirdly, lowering the insulin level: The insulin level should be kept low by eating only three meals a day and having a four to six hour break between meals. These breaks lower insulin levels and promote fat burning, which means that snacks and snacks between meals are taboo in the BCM diet.

Side effect of the diet

The BCM diet only provides for three main meals and prohibits snacks between meals. This can lead to ravenous hunger attacks, especially at the beginning of the diet, which makes it difficult to keep up. According to experience reports, the saturation of the products is described with varying degrees of success, which makes it considerably more difficult to implement the diet in everyday working life.

Constant feeling of hunger can lead to a lack of concentration and hinder the activity at work. It is not uncommon for the diet to be broken off because it cannot be kept up due to hunger attacks. In addition, BCM’s dietary products have a high protein content and can cause an inflated stomach. If a lot of shakes are mixed with milk and drunk, sensitive stomachs can occasionally suffer from diarrhoea. This can be avoided if necessary by trying water, soy milk or almond milk instead of cow’s milk.