Can this be reversed? | Tattooing the eye – is that possible?

Can this be reversed?

An eyeball tattoo is NOT reversible. Unlike tattoos on the skin, which can be partially removed by laser treatment, the eyeball tattoo is permanent.

Is it painful?

Usually the eyeball tattoo is more painful than normal tattoos. During the injections there can be an unpleasant feeling of pressure through the needle. It is often described that the ink solution initially causes a burning sensation in the eye during the injection. If the pain gets worse during the treatment, it should be stopped immediately.

What can you do about the pain?

To alleviate the pain during treatment anesthetic (anaesthetic) eye drops are used. However, these should be used with extreme caution, as injections into the eye pose a high risk of infection and inflammation. After the treatment, slight swelling may occur, which can be treated by carefully cooling the closed eye. If the pain and swelling persist for days, a doctor should be consulted urgently.

How long does a tattoo last?

The stinging of the eyeball tattoo takes only a few minutes. Since there are only short breaks between the injections, the duration depends on the number of injections. If white spots appear on the eyeball after the tattoo has healed, further injections can be used to re-colour it. From the beginning of the treatment to the after-treatment it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes to an hour.

Which colours can be used?

The color selection for an eyeball tattoo is wide and is also related to the tattoo artist. Since the colours differ in their composition (water, alcohol, oils and glycerine), some colours may have a higher allergy potential. The most popular colours are: purple, pink, blue, turquoise and black.