Omentum majus

Anatomy and Function The omentum majus means translated “big net” and describes a duplication of the peritoneum. It is attached to the underside of the stomach (large curvature) as well as to the horizontally running part of the colon (transverse colon) and hangs down in the shape of an apron. Thus it covers the deep … Read more

Tapes | Omentum majus

Tapes Tumors in the abdominal cavity and the pelvis can lead to metastasis, i.e. tumor settlement in the omentum majus. The tumor cells of ovarian cancer particularly like to metastasize into the fat-rich peritoneal duplication, because it contains many nutrients and energy, so that optimal growth conditions for the metastases are given. They can either … Read more

Umbilical Cord

Definition The umbilical cord is the connection between the maternal placenta and the embryo or fetus. It represents a bridge between the two bloodstreams and therefore serves both to supply the foetus with oxygen and nutrients and to remove metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide. In humans, the umbilical cord, which is about 50 … Read more

Umbilical Cord Puncture | Umbilical Cord

Umbilical Cord Puncture Umbilical cord puncture, also called “choracentesis”, is a voluntary, painless but invasive method of prenatal diagnostics, i.e. special prenatal care. The umbilical vein of the baby is punctured with a long and thin needle through the mother’s abdominal wall. The position of the puncture needle is constantly monitored by a parallel ultrasound. … Read more

Douglas space

Anatomy The Douglas space, anatomically also called “Excavatio rectouterina”, refers to a small cavity in the woman’s lower pelvis. As the Latin technical term suggests, the space is located between the uterus and the rectum, the last section of the colon. In men, due to the absence of the uterus, the space extends to the … Read more

The belly button

The navel is a roundish notch, which lies approximately in the middle of the abdomen. In medical terminology the navel is called umbilicus. It is a scarred remnant of the umbilical cord that connects the fetus to the mother during pregnancy. Anatomy of the navel The belly button is what remains of the umbilical cord … Read more