Kornspitz diet

What is the Kornspitz diet?

The Kornspitz diet is a crash diet that promises a large weight loss in a short time. Kornspitz is a pastry from Austria and is on the daily schedule once a day with this diet form. In addition, only a few carbohydrates and fats are consumed, but a lot of protein. However, the calorie intake in the Kornspitz diet is significantly reduced, which stands for short-term success. Because of the low energy intake, the diet should not be carried out for too long and is often discontinued prematurely because the body does not receive a balanced diet.

Procedure of the Kornspitz diet

During the crash diet you have to stick to the weekly schedule in order not to affect the results. A variety of foods are completely off the meal plan, including white flour products, sugar, sweets and alcohol. Black coffee is drunk in the morning all week long, plus a Kornspitz on days 2-5 and 7.

Lunch on day 1 includes 2 tomatoes, 2 eggs and a Kornspitz, and in the evening a turkey schnitzel and salad with vinegar. On day 2, the lunch includes schnitzel with salad, and in the evening a pineapple with yogurt. On the 3rd day at noon there are 2 eggs, a can of tuna (in its own juice), salad and a Kornspitz.

In the evening 100g of beef ham and 2 tomatoes. The well-known turkey schnitzel reappears at lunch on day 4, together with salad with vinegar. In the evening there is a potato with cucumber salad for a change.

On day 5, 2 eggs with a can of tuna are served for lunch, along with salad. In the evening there is 200g of beef ham and fruit. Bananas should be avoided as they are comparatively high in calories.

On day 6, lunch is the same as the day before. Instead, you may now eat whatever you feel like in the evening. Also the amount is not prescribed.

However, you should make sure that the meal does not degenerate too much and that the calories saved with difficulty are recovered by means of ready meals, sweets, alcohol or similar. On the last day at noon we have half a grilled chicken with salad, in the evening asparagus with tomatoes, fruit and in addition to that a Kornspitz. As part of the diet you should drink a lot of water, unsweetened herbal teas are also allowed.

When preparing meals, you should avoid fat and a lot of salt if possible. The Kornspitz diet is very meat-heavy, fish is also on the menu. These foods should be replaced by equivalent vegetable products such as tofu or soy. In addition one should compare the nutritional values and pay special attention to the protein content. In Internet forums, participants can exchange ideas and give tips and experiences on how to carry out a vegetarian option.