Drugs that stimulate the metabolism | Stimulate metabolism

Drugs that stimulate the metabolism

Various preparations and certain drugs to stimulate fat metabolism are available in pharmacies and drugstores. Some of them promise to bind excess fat and then excrete it. Others achieve rapid saturation and an increase in fat metabolism through a high protein content.

It is clear that such remedies alone do not lead to stimulating the metabolism and losing weight, but that this is only possible in the long term with an adapted, healthy lifestyle. In addition to natural measures, the metabolism can also be stimulated with remedies from the pharmacy. Such means should always be seen only as support to a balanced nutrition, can show however a clear effect with the metabolism energizing.

Food supplements can be purchased from the pharmacy to fill in gaps in the diet. It would be better to close these gaps by choosing the right foods. Also certain tea mixtures or concentrated capsules of it can be acquired in the pharmacy.

In addition, there are a number of products that contain certain synthetic substances and are intended to stimulate the metabolism. L-tyrosine, for example, is sold as powder or capsules and is intended to stimulate the metabolism in the short term. Various dietary supplements such as Almased® or Formoline are also available in pharmacies.

These are primarily intended for losing weight and have a specific composition that is intended to stimulate the metabolism and control the calorie intake. Homeopathic remedies also promise to increase the metabolism. Various Schüßler salts are said to have a positive effect on it. These include number 9 (Sodium Phosphoricum) and number 10 (Sodium Sulfuricum), which have a digestive effect. Number 15 (Potassium Iodate) relieves inflammation in the stomach area and number 22 (Calcium Carboicum) provides the body with more energy to operate a more effective metabolism.

Stimulate the metabolism in case of hypothyroidism

Thyroid gland function is a central factor in the regulation of metabolism. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland stimulate the metabolism in various ways. In the case of hypothyroidism, this effect is lost.

There are both congenital hypothyroidism and acquired hypothyroidism. The metabolism is then sluggish, you gain weight and feel flabby. Here it becomes particularly difficult for those affected to maintain weight.Thus, one should stimulate the metabolism in different ways in the case of hypothyroidism.

The most important thing is to substitute the missing hormones by taking tablets. L-thyroxine is used for this purpose. This must be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough examination and taken according to a precise schedule.

This can stimulate the metabolism in such a way that no symptoms are noticeable. In some cases, the problem with hypothyroidism is caused by a pronounced iodine deficiency. It is therefore important to take sufficient iodine with food as a prophylaxis.

Fish is particularly suitable for this. In addition to supplementing the hormones in the case of hypothyroidism, all other measures that stimulate the metabolism can also make sense. These include a stimulating diet and moderate, regular sporting activity. Thus, even in cases of hypothyroidism, the metabolism can be stimulated to a sufficient degree.