Crash Diet

What is a crash diet?

Crash diets are becoming increasingly popular and are constantly decorating new magazine covers. They promise enormous sales success within a few days. “Crash” means violent and fast.

Many crash diets promise weight loss of up to 5 or even 7 kilos in 7 days. Most diets are so-called mono diets, i.e. diets in which only one or very few foods may be eaten over a certain period of time. The effect of crash diets is very controversial and often the dreaded yoyo effect follows the rapid weight loss.

What crash diets are available?

Most crash diets are so-called mono diets. This means that only one or a few foods may be consumed over a certain period of time. The pineapple diet only allows the consumption of the exotic fruit in the context of this crash diet.

The valuable enzymes of the pineapple are supposed to melt the fat reserves of the body. The cabbage soup diet is also tried and tested as one of the oldest crash diets. However, many people find it difficult to stick to this diet over a long period of time because the soup is very monotonous, eating out falls flat and flatulence often develops.

During the egg diet, only eggs may be eaten, 25 in number and low-fat. The more moderate diets are also popular: fruit or vegetable diet. In the popular fruit diet, more than one kilogram of fresh fruit is eaten daily, while all other foods are prohibited.

The situation is similar with the vegetable diet, where you can eat your fill. The vegetables can be eaten as raw vegetables, vegetable juices, soups or smoothies. The fruit or vegetable diet can be limited to certain products, for example only green vegetables, only apples, etc.

If you have difficulty avoiding carbohydrates, you can try a carbohydrate-based diet, such as the potato diet, the potato and egg diet or the rice diet. A special form of the crash diet is the 24-hour diet, which allows you to eat 1200 calories a day. The food is rich in protein and low in calories. Strong athletic training units achieve the weight loss, because the body draws its energy from the fat reserves.

Procedure of the crash diet

Crash diets are unhealthy in the long run, so you should limit the time of the diet to a few days. Depending on which diet you decide on, only the appropriate foods may be eaten and other foods are taboo. You should also restrict drinks, i.e. if possible, avoid coffee with milk, avoid sugared drinks and keep your hands off alcohol. Water and unsweetened tea should be drunk in large quantities. If you have enough energy despite the few calories, it is advisable to do light sports, such as stretching exercises, walks or yoga.