Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

The term “Paleo” is the abbreviation for the period of the Palaeolithic, the Paleolithic Age. The Paleo diet, also known as the stone diet, is based on the original diet of hunters and gatherers and imitates it with food available today. The Paleo Diet places a strong focus on high quality food and sustainability.

In this diet, the basis of the diet is food that was available in a similar form in the Stone Age, i.e. in the 2.5 million years of evolution. The Stone Age Diet is intended to help reduce typical widespread diseases that are supposedly due to the consumption of industrial goods and grain. These include diabetes mellitus, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Procedure of the Paleo Diet

In the Paleo diet, the diet plan consists mainly of fat and protein sources as well as fruit and vegetables. Only natural products may be eaten. Cereal products, industrial sugars, legumes and dairy products are avoided.

Alcohol, coffee and tobacco are also prohibited. The principle behind this is relatively simple. Only what people consumed thousands of years ago before the discovery of agriculture and arable farming should be eaten.

After all, in the Stone Age, no industrially processed goods were available. Among the most important palaeo-foods are meat, fish, eggs, salad, nuts, (animal) fat, fruit and vegetables. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the meat, since factory farming does not correspond to the Paleo dietary concept at all. In most cases, a gradual introduction to the Stone Age diet is recommended, for example, gradually over a period of 30 days.

What does a Paleo breakfast look like?

For many people trying the Paleo diet for the first time, the biggest challenge is breakfast. Many people miss the chocolate muesli or white bread for breakfast. Nevertheless, there are many ways to make breakfast sweet, salty or hearty.

One way to make a Paleo muesli without sugar or cereals includes

  • Cashew kernels,
  • Almonds,
  • Coconut flakes,
  • Hazelnuts,
  • Brazil nuts,
  • Sunflower seeds,
  • Chia seeds, coconut oil,
  • Honey and
  • Ground vanilla.

If desired, sweet raisins and dried fruits can be added. The whole thing is crushed and roasted for 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven. Another breakfast idea is sweet scrambled eggs with fruit.

Whisk two egg yolks with honey and lemon juice, fry the whole thing with 1⁄2 tablespoons of coconut oil and add mango pieces with coconut or banana with almond and cinnamon as needed. Bread lovers can prepare a Paleo grain bread themselves, baked purely from seeds and kernels. For this you need: The dough is baked for 40 minutes and then cooled down. You can eat homemade guacamole or the bread with curry broccoli salad.

  • Linseed flour,
  • Sunflower seeds,
  • Pumpkin seeds,
  • Sesame seeds,
  • Ghee,
  • Tahini,
  • Baking powder,
  • Eggs,
  • Ground vanilla,
  • Cinnamon and
  • Salt.