The Glyx Diet


The Glyx diet was developed by the ecotrophologist Marion Grillpanzer. She used the term glyx as a short form of glycemic index. In this diet it is not the fat, carbohydrate and protein content of the food that is important, but a glycemic index as low as possible.


The Glyx diets evaluate foods according to their glycemic index. Glyx or GI is the abbreviation for the glycemic index. The Glyx indicates how much a certain food causes the blood sugar level to rise after consumption. These values were initially important for the diet of diabetics. However, it was soon proven that the development of obesity is also related to blood sugar levels and insulin production.

Procedure of the diet

The course of a Glyx diet is divided into a gradual change in diet. The diet begins radically with a detox over two days and is then continued like a build-up diet until the end. Carbohydrates in particular should be divided into good and rather unfavorable carbohydrates in a traffic light system.

The principle is to eat primarily carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The glycemic index of a food is determined according to the increase in blood sugar after its intake. The less the blood sugar rises, the lower the glycemic index.

The increase in blood sugar is mediated by the hormone insulin. It causes the body to absorb carbohydrates and thus sugar and store them as energy. If insulin is only released in a reduced form because the absorption of carbohydrates is limited, no energy stores are built up in the body. As a result, no fat deposits are created and you lose excess pounds.

Weekly PlanPlan

Nowadays there are several ways to follow the Glyx diet. Classically, however, it is divided into three stages. The first stage has the goal to purify the body.

In two days, only soup should be eaten and an hourly glass of liquid in the form of tea or water should be drunk. The body should be purified from toxins. After that the second stage begins.

During the Fatburner-Glyx-Week you can eat three times a day according to given recipes. The recipes provide for food with the lowest possible glycemic index, which consists as main ingredients of vegetables or fruit. The low intake of carbohydrates is intended to stimulate the breakdown of the body’s own fat deposits.

The carbohydrates otherwise absorbed with food are lacking as energy suppliers, so that the body covers its needs from bodily fat. Finally, the Glyx modular principle is followed for twenty days. In this third phase, everyone can independently choose the recipes for the time of day.

Here too, the principle is to consume as much food as possible with a low glycemic index. In addition, sports should also be done in this phase. With the beginning of weight loss a physical activity should be started, which additionally boosts the fat burning process.