Abdominal muscle strain


Abdominal muscle distension The term “abdominal muscle strain” (technical term: distension) refers to the process of muscle stretching beyond the physiological level. Typically, the individual fibres are not damaged in the long term when the abdominal muscle is pulled.


Strains are among the most common sports injuries. Nearly every person who has done a lot of sports has suffered such an overstretched muscle at least once. In most cases, the abdominal muscle strain occurs after sudden and/or uncoordinated strain on the muscles.

During these excessive strains, individual muscle fibres and the surrounding connective tissue are moderately damaged. In most patients, abdominal muscle strain is manifested by the sudden onset of stabbing pain. Immediately after the onset of these symptoms, the affected muscle areas can only be strained to a limited extent or not at all.

Treatment should be started as soon as possible if an abdominal muscle strain is present. Even simple first aid measures can help to positively influence the healing process and shorten the time until the abdominal muscle strain has completely healed. In addition, the development of an abdominal muscle strain can be prevented in most cases by simple measures.

In this context, it can be assumed that cold muscles are particularly prone to show signs of overstretching. For this reason, the conscientious warming up of the muscles before the start of the sporting activity plays a decisive role. The affected patients should also be aware that immediately after the onset of the first symptoms, any strain on the abdominal muscles should be stopped.

Otherwise, serious complications (e.g. a torn muscle fibre) may occur. The occurrence of strains of individual muscles or ligaments is not uncommon. The ankle joints, knees, shoulders, wrists and elbows are particularly frequently affected.

On the other hand, strains of the abdominal muscles (pulled abdominal muscles) are observed relatively rarely. Both untrained people and people who regularly take part in sports are particularly at risk of developing an abdominal muscle strain. Untrained muscles can only adapt very slowly to sudden changes in tension.

They are generally less elastic and supple than trained muscle groups. Athletes are at particular risk of developing abdominal muscle strain if they do not do sufficient warm-up training. The actual causes for the occurrence of an abdominal muscle strain are rapid acceleration and abrupt stopping.

In addition, sudden changes of direction can cause the muscles to be stretched excessively, resulting in an abdominal strain. As a rule, almost all sports increase the risk of developing an abdominal strain. Nevertheless, there are certain sports where a particularly high number of cases of illness can be observed.

These sports include: In addition, the occurrence of an abdominal muscle strain can also occur in the normal household or at work. Typical scenarios are lifting heavy loads or working in an unfavourable posture. In general, however, muscle strains occur more frequently at other locations in the household. – Football

  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Short distance races