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Aquafitness for pregnant women

Many pregnant women still want to do some light sports despite a progressing pregnancy. However, not all sports are recommended for a pregnant woman. Aquafitness can be a good alternative here.

Special courses for pregnant women are offered in many places and are tailored to the needs of pregnant women. One advantage of exercising in the water is the reduced body weight, which means that women can still move easily and light-heartedly. When moving in the water, the bones and joints are spared, as the body weight is reduced due to buoyancy.

Aquafitness for pregnant women has a similar effect to classic pregnancy gymnastics. However, aqua fitness is particularly relieving for the body and also provides a relaxing effect. Besides the lower weight, aquafitness also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the muscles.

The circulation is stimulated and endurance and strength are gently trained. The oxygen supply for the body of the woman and the unborn child increases and through the external pressure the venous return is also improved. The uterus also feels the effects of the water and relaxes and expands.

This gives the baby more space in the uterus. However, other muscle groups, such as neck and shoulder muscles also relax significantly in the water and thus ensure a better posture. Depending on which exercises are performed in aquafitness for pregnant women, the pelvic floor can also benefit.

The muscles relax there as well and the pelvic floor becomes more flexible. Usually such courses are recommended and offered from the 16th week of pregnancy onwards. After a pregnancy, women attend courses of postnatal exercise to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles and tissue after the strenuous birth.

In addition to the classic regression course, an aqua-regression course can also be held here. The advantages of doing this course in water are a very gentle and relaxing way of regression. Cramped muscles can relax optimally in the approx.

30 degrees Celsius warm water and thus contribute to the general well-being. The pelvic floor muscles can be gently rebuilt through targeted pelvic floor training. The reduced body weight in the water is just as beneficial to women as the support of the vein pump in the body through the external water pressure. Often there is also the possibility to take the child along to the courses. In this way, the bond between mother and child is strengthened in addition to the regression after pregnancy.

What is the calorie consumption of aqua fitness?

The calorie consumption in aqua fitness courses is comparatively high. This sport is therefore not only interesting for older people, pregnant women and rehabilitators, but also for professional athletes. The properties of the 28 to 31 degrees Celsius warm water are therefore used by many target groups.

The body burns calories due to the water temperature to protect the body from cooling down. Thus half an hour of aqua fitness can burn over 400 calories. A jogging round on land with the same duration burns “only” about 300 calories. Aquafitness is therefore also a factor in weight reduction that should not be underestimated.