Brigitte diet | The best known energy-reduced mixed diets

Brigitte diet

The Brigitte diet is a long-term program for changing eating habits and for more exercise in everyday life. A full, healthy and low-fat diet is offered in the form of a mixed diet. The recipes are exemplary and the sports program also contains useful tips for beginners.

The daily calorie intake is between 1400 and 1500 kcal and, if consistently followed, a slow but sustained weight reduction is achieved. One can choose between three nutritional forms of this mixed diet: The daily menu includes 5 meals a day with lots of fruit and vegetables. There are shopping lists for all recipes.

The ingredients are available in every supermarket. The new Brigitte diet also evaluates the food according to its energy density. Ready-to-eat meals are increasingly included and are evaluated according to the traffic light principle and energy density.

There is a variant for people who like to cook and one for those who do not want to cook, which increases the everyday suitability of this form of nutrition. Brigitte offers a so-called figure coach, a virtual advisor one can load on the cell phone.

  • The Brigitte diet is suitable for people with a BMI of 25 to 30.
  • Beginner’s diet: minimal program with recipes for dishes and snacks that can be prepared quickly.
  • Green diet: Vegetarian diet
  • Colorful diet: Energy-reduced mixed diet


This mixed diet program is based on three pillars.

  • The first column is called: ” Eat well”. A low-fat, high-fiber mixed diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is offered.

    The recipes are very low-fat and the daily plans are varied. There are also tips on how to reduce salt when cooking. Seasonal products are preferred. It is recommended to eat regularly every 3-4 hours.

  • The second pillar is called: “Train properly “The program also includes a training program consisting of endurance and strength training.
  • The third pillar is called: “Thinking positively “A mental program should have a supportive effect and make it easier to hold out.The aim of the program is to change and improve nutritional and exercise behavior in the long term.