Cabbage Soup Diet

Especially in spring, many people want to lose a lot of weight in as short a time as possible in order to feel good in their bodies in lighter clothes. This often leads to crash diets, i.e. dietary changes that promise weight loss in the shortest possible time. One of these crash diets is the so-called cabbage soup diet. It is a classic among the mono diets and promises rapid weight loss. The main component of the diet is a soup made of white cabbage, also known as the cabbage diet.


The main food in this diet is cabbage soup, but other foods are also allowed. A cabbage soup diet classically lasts seven days. Before one begins such a drastic change of diet, one should in any case consult the family doctor and have the diet and one’s own well-being monitored.

With the cabbage soup diet, you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want every day. The side dishes vary depending on the day of the diet. In general, one should drink a lot of still water and unsweetened tea during the diet, soft drinks such as cola and also light drinks are taboo.

The classic cabbage soup consists of white cabbage or savoy cabbage, onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery, herbs and a teaspoon of oil.

  • Day: Fruit may be eaten with the soup, as much as you like. One should avoid particularly calorie-containing fruit such as bananas, honey and watermelons.
  • Day: In addition to soup, raw vegetables are allowed, but high-calorie vegetables (peas, corn, beans) should be avoided. A baked potato is also allowed.
  • Day: Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruit is eaten, potatoes are not planned today.
  • Day: In addition to the soup, 3 bananas are eaten throughout the day, and a large glass of milk is allowed.
  • Day: There is cabbage soup and a total of 500g of lean meat like turkey, chicken or low-fat fish, plus six large fresh tomatoes.
  • Day: Today, in addition to the soup, lean meat and vegetables as needed are planned.
  • On the last day we have wholemeal rice, vegetables and fruit juices.