Introduction Tannolact preparations are anti-inflammatory and anti-itching products that can be applied locally to the skin. They are available in different application forms (cream, fat cream, bath additive, lotions). They are mainly used for inflammatory diseases of the skin (eczema), which often manifest themselves as severe redness and an accompanying burning or itching. Tannolact products … Read more

Side effect | Tannolact

Side effect Side effects during treatment with Tannolact products are rare. This is partly due to the fact that the active ingredients are only applied externally (topically) and therefore do not enter the body’s bloodstream. For this reason, side effects occur mainly in the area of the skin where the product was applied. In rare … Read more

Preparations | Tannolact

Preparations Tannolact Bath Additive is especially suitable for use in cases of skin inflammation in areas of the body that are difficult to access. These include body folds as well as the anal and genital regions. Depending on the affected skin area and skin symptoms, there are different applications of the bath additive available (full … Read more


Introduction Fumaderm® is a drug which is used in the form of tablets for the skin disease psoriasis vulgaris. It is the most commonly used drug for psoriasis, and is used in patients with severe and moderate psoriasis. There are a total of four different fumaric acid esters contained in the drug Fumaderm®. These active … Read more

Dosage | Fumaderm®

Dosage The exact dosage of Fumaderm® should be discussed with a dermatologist, as he or she can best assess how severely the patient is affected by psoriasis and what dosage is therefore appropriate. It may be necessary to increase the dosage of Fumaderm® for a short period of time during an acute episode, after consultation … Read more

Revenue | Fumaderm®

Revenue Fumaderm® tablets are taken with plenty of liquid (preferably water) and preferably directly after meals. The tablets have a coating that prevents the gastric acid from breaking down the tablets in the stomach. In this way, Fumaderm® tablets can pass through the stomach unhindered and are then opened up in the intestine and the … Read more


Introduction Ichtholan® is an ointment that is used for inflammatory, purulent skin diseases. Since the ointment is applied exclusively to the skin, Ichtholan® is also known as a dermatological agent. Altogether there are two different forms of Ichtholan® ointment. On the one hand there is the 10 or 20% Ichtholan® Ointment, which contains 10 or … Read more

Ingredients of Ichtholan | Ichtholan®

Ingredients of Ichtholan In addition to ammonium bituminosulfonate, which is the active ingredient, the ointment Ichtholan® also contains yellow vaseline, i.e. pure fat, purified water and wool wax. However, the actual effect of Ichtholan® is also based on the ingredient ammonium bituminosulfonate, which belongs to the so-called sulfonated shale oils. The ingredient acts against bacteria … Read more

Side effects of Ichtholan | Ichtholan®

Side effects of Ichtholan Ichtholan®, like any drug, can also have side effects. Therefore it is important to discuss with a physician beforehand whether Ichtholan® is suitable for the treatment of the skin disease or whether the physician advises to take another drug. In rare cases, i.e. in less than 1 in 1,000, but more … Read more


Introduction Bepanthen® is a Bayer product line that includes a wound and healing ointment, antiseptic wound cream, scar gel, eye drops, eye and nose ointment, seawater nasal spray, Sensiderm cream, cooling foam spray and the Bepanthen® solution. Probably the best known product is the Wound and Healing Ointment, which is used to treat minor skin … Read more

Dosage and application | Bepanthene

Dosage and application Application of creams, ointments and solutions: For these products of the Bepanthen® range, a thin layer of the respective product has to be applied once or several times a day to the affected (mucous) skin layer. For the antiseptic wound cream the manufacturer’s recommendation is to apply the cream only once or … Read more