Protein bars | Proteins for muscle building

Protein bars

Protein bars, along with protein shakes, are very popular dietary supplements for athletes who want to increase their daily protein intake. Furthermore, they are often taken as a snack after training or in between, as they make you feel full and with their ingredients such as chocolate, nuts or dried fruits often taste like a sweet. With a balanced diet with a healthy protein content at each meal, such as lean meat, fish, dairy products or legumes and vegetables, it is not necessary for athletes to take in additional protein in the form of protein bars or shakes. The daily protein requirement can also be taken in through more natural foods. In addition, many protein bars contain a high sugar content and can therefore contribute to unwanted weight gain.


Proteins are an important part of the diet in building muscle because the body breaks down the proteins absorbed through food into amino acids, which it needs for muscle building after training. The protein requirement for an adult who trains regularly and intensively is approximately 1.3 – 1.5 g per kg body weight. Of course, this figure may vary depending on height, weight and training routine.

The amount of protein can usually be easily absorbed through the daily diet and should be composed of animal and vegetable protein sources to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients. It does not make sense to dose protein in higher doses than the daily requirement, otherwise negative consequences for the body can be expected in the long term.