The Fatburner Diet


The inventors of this form of nutrition are of the opinion that overweight is the body’s reaction to a lack of vital substances. They assume that in this situation the body is not able to break down fat. Thus so-called Fatburner are supplied to the body.

These substances are supposed to bring the fat reduction back on track. For example, it is claimed that an algae bath in the evening can continue to work in sleep and reduce fat deposits. The production of the body’s own “fat burners” is also to be stimulated.

This refers to the hormone glucagon (opponent of insulin) and the growth hormone from the thyroid gland.

  • Seaweed
  • Algae
  • Brewer’s yeast and medicinal teas like
  • Mate tea or Pu-erh tea are used.

Exotic fruits are recommended and primarily foods with a low glycemic index. There are Fatburner parliamentary allowance which follow the reasonable nourishing concept of the German society for nutrition (DGE) and sell the food recommended here as Fatburner again.

Others consist mainly of soups and fruit. Here it concerns fat and salt-poor mixed costs, which give preference to food with low glykämischen index. Furthermore, food supplements such as brewer’s yeast or seaweed are recommended as fat burners.

With most Fatburner parliamentary allowance is referred to the necessity of more movement for successful weight reduction too little. There is usually a lack of mature sports programs and suggestions for more exercise in everyday life. Nutritional supplements of various kinds are recommended.

On long-term change of diet and change of eating and movement habits in the long run is hardly emphasized. “Fast melting of fat” is often in the foreground. The effectiveness of so-called “fat burners” may be doubted. The fact that foods such as fruit and vegetables that are cheap for losing weight are assigned to fat burners gives existing facts a new name.