The Food Combining Diet


This concept (Hay ́sche Trennkost) was developed by Dr. Hay at the end of the twentieth century. The advocates of food combining assume that protein and carbohydrates cannot be digested together. However, this principle can be refuted at the beginning of human life, because breast milk naturally contains both: carbohydrates and protein.

Babies can of course digest breast milk without any problems and grow and prosper. Separation food separates carbohydrates and protein during meals and also recommends limiting acid-forming foods (e.g. meat or alcohol) as much as possible. The latter is absolutely correct while there is no scientific basis for the separation of nutrients.

This already results from the fact that a strict separation of protein and carbohydrates is practically impossible, because most foods (as already described for breast milk) contain both. For example, carbohydrates in the form of starch and vegetable protein can also be found in potatoes. A positive aspect of this form of nutrition is the recommendation to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and little meat.

Industrially produced and processed foods should be avoided. Some forbidden foods are mentioned. Exercise and change of diet are not part of such programs.

There is no scientific justification for the separation of nutrients. The so-called Hollywood diet is also part of the separation costs. Exotic fruits (pineapple and co.) are recommended and they form the basis of the daily diet.

The enzymes contained in the fruits are supposed to accelerate the breakdown of fat. The energy content of approx. 600 calories per day is too low, the lack of n milk products can cause a calcium deficiency in the long run.

An undersupply of all other nutrients can also occur.

  • Cranberries
  • Black tea
  • Vinegar
  • Pork. Failure to state reasons.

What is Food Combining?

Food Combining describes a form of nutrition that was developed by Howard Hay at the beginning of the 20th century. His theory is based on the assumption that protein and carbohydrates are digested differently by our body and overacidify the body in combination. The rule of thumb of this diet accordingly states that protein and carbohydrate containing foods should not be eaten at the same time as a meal. The separation diet is considered by many people as a method of weight reduction. With the Food Combining Diet no calories have to be counted and only few foods are excluded from the diet.