Endurance training at home


Endurance is the resistance of the physical organism to fatigue during prolonged exertion and is one of the basic motor skills. The aim of endurance training is to increase endurance, which can have a positive effect on health, such as the cardiovascular system. The aim is to extend the period during which the body can perform, while at the same time shortening the regeneration time. Such training is also possible at home and consists of the following features: Endurance training can be done without, but also with equipment that can be set up in your own home, such as the stepper. – Exercise intensity,

  • Load density,
  • Load range,
  • Load duration and
  • Frequency of training.

What are the possibilities of endurance training without equipment?

There are many possibilities of endurance training without equipment, which in most cases is done in the open air. This includes running or also called jogging. The athlete runs for a longer period of time (approx.

30-60 min) at his comfortable pace. Hiking is also an endurance training without equipment and is characterized by walking in nature for several hours. Another sport that can be done without equipment is swimming.

There are many different swimming styles, each of which trains endurance and requires muscles all over the body. However, it is not necessary to leave the house for an endurance training without equipment, there are very different possibilities to train within your own four walls. Own training plans can be created and carried out independently.

This includes, for example, circuit training. This means that different exercises are performed again and again one after the other. Which exercises are selected is individual, as an example the boxer run (fast running on the spot with strong boxing strokes forward) or the jumping jack, which everyone knows from his childhood, can be listed. For athletes who are unsure about the choice of exercises, it is recommended to use a sports video for training. Such videos, which are available with very different exercises and degrees of difficulty, can be bought or watched on the internet.

What are the possibilities of endurance training with equipment?

For endurance training, there are many devices available that allow athletes to train their endurance without having to go outside. The treadmill or the bicycle ergometer make it possible to do sports in a building. However, it is also possible to do endurance sports in the open air with sports equipment such as a bicycle, inline skates or skis for cross-country skiing.

Other typical endurance sports equipment is the stepper, the cross trainer and the trampoline. Sports equipment that is usually only found in fitness studios or clubs and not at home with athletes is rowing machines, recumbent ergometers, upper body ergometers, cross-country ski trainers and the like. The stepper is a piece of sports equipment that is used for endurance training of the musculature and can be compared to climbing stairs.

When training with the stepper, muscles on the legs and bottom are trained, especially the straight thigh muscle and the large gluteus muscle. The whole body benefits from regular exercise on the stepper, as with any endurance training, because the blood circulation of the whole body is stimulated, the lung volume increases and the athlete can reduce stress. Exercising on the stepper has a high calorie consumption and is an inexpensive sport that can be practiced at home in any weather.

The bicycle ergometer is also called exercise bike, spinning or indoor bike and is a piece of sports equipment that is similar in design to a bicycle, it has a saddle, pedals and handles. With the bicycle ergometer the endurance is trained and thus condition and muscle mass is built up. The legs/thighs and the cardiovascular system are particularly stressed.

The special feature of this piece of sports equipment is the ergonomics function, which uses sensors to collect data about the athlete, such as the measurement of the pulse. Through different settings it is possible to change the degree of difficulty of the bicycle ergometer. This function imitates cycling with mountains, so that the athlete can ride up mountains in the living room at home.

Further settings also allow interval training, among other things. The trampoline is a piece of sports equipment which is very suitable for training at home, as it requires no effort. Trampoline jumping is a very effective training and therefore the body uses a lot of calories in a very short time.

Furthermore, the training is very easy on the joints, which is why the trampoline is also suitable for overweight people. The trampoline demands almost all muscles of the body and is therefore holistic. Furthermore, trampoline jumping releases endorphins, which puts the athlete in a good mood. Furthermore, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and supported.