Strength training for women


Even if it seems hardly imaginable, the women represent with approximately 66% the by far larger portion of members in Fitnessstudios than male participants. The desire for a better figure is much more pronounced with women than comparatively with men. Many sports providers have reacted accordingly and founded fitness studios that are primarily geared to the needs of women. However, it is not preferably the exercises on various strength machines, but rather the targeted strength endurance program in various courses, or the special endurance equipment, which is visited and used by women.

General information

For many women, weight training continues to be synonymous with big muscles and the appearance of various women, whose visual impression can be compared to that of a well-trained man. However, this fear is completely unfounded, because such an appearance cannot be achieved with conventional training. Women who practice the bodybuilding sport often train with training volumes of more than 3 hours of equipment training per day. In some cases the external appearance shows male facial features, which can be inferred from the additional intake of male sex hormones. An integration of various exercises on strength training machines in addition to targeted endurance training will never lead to oversized muscle bundles.


When it comes to the question of the right way of strength training for women, one can seemingly find all kinds of theses. If some plead for pure strength training with minimal weights, then again numerous forums recommend strength training that is similarly structured as one of the male studio visitors. Some recommend pure endurance training on machines, while others swear by pure training on machines.

Basically, the question of the right method, the number of sets and the choice of intensity is difficult to answer in general. Every man and every woman goes to the gym or to an endurance training with different prerequisites and different expectations and objectives. In principle, the female organism functions similarly to the male.

Women’s muscles react to training stimuli in exactly the same way as a man’s. However, due to higher testosterone levels, male athletes have higher and faster adaptation symptoms in terms of muscle build-up. It is a fact, however, that men tend to prefer muscle building, while women prefer weight reduction and general skin tightening.

Aerobics, step aerobics, tae-bo and other cures should be integrated or maintained in a training for women. Targeted endurance training is and remains No. 1 in targeted fat burning.

What has changed in recent years: In former times it was said, who would like to lose weight, should complete a pure perseverance program. Today we know that targeted strength training with an increase in muscle mass results in a general increase in fat burning, because muscles burn fat. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for women in the gym to work on their weights from time to time.

The statements women should not attend courses, but train like men, is simply wrong. A professional consultation by trained personnel should be carried out in any case before each training. A fitness trainer recognizes their requirements and can create a training plan for the desired goal. Training plans should never be created solely on the basis of arbitrary information from the Internet.