Tribulus terrestris, also known as earth thorn or earth star, is a flowering plant and occurs mainly in Asia and Africa. However, there are also some wild specimens in southern Europe. The plant can reach a height between ten and 50 centimeters and looks slightly grayish due to the felty hairs.

Tribulus is mainly used as a dietary supplement in sports to increase strength and raise testosterone levels in the body so that more muscle mass can be built up through a training stimulus. To achieve these results, up to 250 milligrams of Tribulus can be consumed per day without any side effects or negative symptoms. Besides increasing strength and muscle mass, Tribulus terrestris can also increase the human libido and has therefore been used as an aphrodisiac for many years.

The fruits of Tribulus contain tannin, saponins, essential oils, linoleic acid and other substances that cause different effects. In rats it has already been proven in studies that Tribulus leads to weight gain and an increase in libido. Studies that deal with the application in humans have not yet been carried out in sufficient numbers, so that these results are not yet secured.


There are many controversial opinions about the effect of Tribulus Terrestris. In general, it is said that the supplement boosts the body’s own testosterone production and thus acts like an anabolic drug. As a result, significant strength gains can be achieved and body fat is also reduced over time.

Studies have found that it is mainly the saponin content of the plant that matters. However, this seems to vary depending on its origin. For example, a Tribulus Terrestris from Iran could have an antibacterial effect.

On rats it was found out that Tribulus Terrestris is even able to lower an increased cholesterol level. In addition, a protective effect against high blood sugar levels was also observed in rats. Plants from the southeast European area show a high portion of that saponin, which is known as aphrodisiac and is used as muscle building preparation.

At the moment, it is not possible to say for certain whether and what effects Tribulus Terrestris has on the athlete after ingestion. The study situation is unclear, because there are studies that have produced a number of results, but also studies that do not prove any effect of Tribulus Terrestris. Effects that have been proven so far have been presented in the field of medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris can enlarge the prostate and is even used in traditional Chinese medicine. There it is said to help against stomach cramps and inflammation of the oral mucosa. In athletes, Tribulus Terrestris can stimulate the production of a certain hormone, which in turn is known to stimulate the production of testosterone.

Now one should be able to assume that this leads to muscle growth. However, the only effect that Tribulus Terrestris has in common with an anabolic drug is a positive doping test. Previous tests in humans and also in animals (rats) can confirm certain effects, but at the same time contradict other studies that claim the opposite.

Whether or not the testosterone level really increases when taken has yet to be conclusively clarified. If this can be confirmed, then one can also assume that Tribulus Terrestris can be used as a sexual enhancer, since an increased testosterone level also leads to an increased sperm count. Tribulus Terrestris is now a very common dietary supplement in weight training.

Bodybuilders in particular see it as a healthy substitute for the illegal anabolic steroids that are otherwise often used. Tribulus Terrestris is a purely herbal substance and therefore has many more natural steroids. Therefore, strength athletes suspect fewer side effects of Tribulus Terrestris, despite the increase in testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris is also advertised as a “testosterone booster”. This also results in the hoped-for effect in muscle building. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone and plays a major role in strengthening the muscles.

Therefore, men are generally more muscular than women and can also build up muscles more easily and more than they can. However, competitive athletes should be careful when it comes to doping tests.Depending on the dosage and, if necessary, mixing with other agents, a test with Tribulus Terrestris may turn out positive. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has not listed the herbal substance as prohibited, but this is very controversial.

According to the guidelines, no agents that increase the body’s own testosterone production are allowed. However, this could not yet be scientifically proven with Tribulus Terrestris. Therefore it remains allowed and many athletes consider it an effective dietary supplement.

From a scientific point of view, however, the effects of Tribulus Terrestris could only be proven in a test on rats a few years ago. However, the principle of muscle building should not be based on the efficacy of various supplements and hormone enhancing agents. Much more important for healthy muscle building is an appropriate lifestyle.

Even ambitious athletes should give themselves enough time for regeneration phases and sleep. After all, the actual muscle build-up can only take place after training in regeneration. A healthy, high-protein diet should always be followed to ensure that muscle mass can be built and the muscle that has been used can recover.

In addition, many promoting substances such as the saponins from Tribulus Terrestris are also contained in normal foods such as legumes or peanuts. Last but not least, an intelligent, varied training plan is needed to build up muscles, which constantly demands the muscles anew and thus gives them an incentive to grow. Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase potency in men.

This means that taking Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase sperm quality. There are several studies in this area of research that aim to answer this question. One of them from the year 2012 delivered the following results: According to this study, eating fruits of the Tribulus shrub improves sperm quality.

The increase in quality is said to have reached up to 78%. Further studies could substantiate these results in many cases. In general, in most of the studies, potency improved significantly and other positive effects also occurred.

The urine flow in old men became better and also complaints in the urinary tract subsided. In 2014 a study was conducted in Brazil, which could not substantiate these previous results. In this newer study no positive effects on testosterone levels and potency could be found.

Here the scientific evidence contradicts itself and further studies will probably have to be carried out before reliable proven statements can be made. However, the trend is clearly in the direction of a positive influence on potency by taking Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus terrestris is considered to be a natural means of improving the body’s performance and, above all, to show better results in strength training.

Tribulus terrestris is also known as earth-root thorn and is a plant that occurs in tropical and subtropical areas. There are different opinions about the effect of Tribulus terrestris (TT) on weight loss. Most of them are not scientifically proven so far.

Which is scientifically proven, is which the Testosteronspiegel by TT to be increased can. By the increased Testosteronspiegel more energy is burned whereby the fat tissue melts. Straight thicker men have a lower Testosteronspiegel and can thus by the income of TT the weight acceptance support.

For the fat dismantling there are many overlapping points for removing with TT. TT provides for an increase of the Testosteronspiegels and binds the fatty acids from the bad LDL Cholesterol. These fats are burned by the increased energy requirement due to the increased Testosteronspiegels increased, in order to protect the muscle protein.

By the stronger energy production from body fat, TT is a good food supplement, if the fat dismantling is to be improved. In what respect TT is suitable as Dopingmittel is controversial. Clear is that TT contains Saponine those as steroid-similar connections admits are.

In the Bodybuilding and weight training TT is considered as natural steroid which is to have a similar effect as anabolic steroids. In addition TT is not to have side effects, since it is a natural substance and is preferred thereby to the forbidden Dopingsubstanz anabolic steroids. Athletes who count on doping controls should do without TT, since it is noticeable with a doping test positively.However TT does not stand so far on the forbidden list, since scientifically so far it could not be proven that TT has a performance-increasing effect.

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